The Best Of Australia’s Tourist Landmarks

Australia is a must visit global tourist destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy diverse culture and monumental landmarks in one trip. Dotted with some of the world’s most reputed destinations, the country still rules as a favorite location for movie shootings, novel backgrounds and documentary filming. For a travel buff, Australia is an exciting adventure. It provides rich cultural diversity that will make you part of the continent. Australia is also home to some of the unique and rare biological specimens that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Melbourne City is where the continent country’s tourist is centered. Also referred to as “Central City’ Melbourne is where the forefathers of Australia first set up residential dwellings and living facilities. Today, the region is a thriving hot spot of tourism with vivid scenes, entertainment avenues and dining options. Camper trailer sales in Australia have hit an all time high as both residents and global tourists are interested in exploring in their comfort and pace.

Another landmark destination of Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Designed like the petals of a blooming white lotus, Opera house is an icon of architectural prowess and landscape beauty. Located close to the Sydney Harbor, the Opera House can be rightly called the face of Australian tourism. In fact, there will be hardly any tourist who will leave Australia without making a visit to the Opera House. The Opera House has multiple entertainment venues the access to which is limited to artists and performers. Tourists can find information about camper trailer sales and Australian tourism from nearby located business hotspots.

Located close to the Sydney House is Port Jackson. The Port was initially used for trade purposes and has grown in prominence with time. It is considered to be the first place of European settlement in Australia and has been pivotal in the development of continent country into one of the noted economies of the world. The Sydney Harbour National Park located in close vicinity is also home to a number of picnic spots, swimming spots, foreshore areas and bushwalking tracks.

For someone who wants to witness the best of Australia’s terrain diversity, the best choice would be the Ulluru, which is single massive monolith sandstone. Located in the central location of Red Centre desert, tourists have faculties to trek its height or go long walking expeditions around the monolith. Considered to be 700 million years of age, the Ulluru is also a spiritual anchor and sacred destination for Native Americans.

Australia is a bundle of surprises. Deep inside its streets and network of by lanes, is present the history of an age continent and the future of a growing powerful economy. Australia is definitely a destination that should become part of your bucket list.