The Effectiveness Of Sandblasting In Boat Bottom Paint Removal And Power Washing

If you own a vintage car or a boat, maintaining it would be a very difficult job. You will need to use special techniques to clean and maintain them.

Sandblasting is a power washing technique in which a jet of sand is driven with the help of compressed air or steam. Sandblasting cleaning technique is very effective, and it has many benefits.

In this article, let’s discuss about some of the main benefits of boat sandblasting, and how it is the effective cleaning solution for your car or boat bottom. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

• Convenience and comfort – Using the boat sandblasting technique requires very less hard work. Before the invention of this technique people used to clean the bottom of the boat manually, with the invention of this awesome technique cleaning has become so much easier. All you need is a sandblasting kit, pressure washing system and secure wear. Using a sandblaster and a pressure washing system can help you save time and effort.

• Cleaning and removing – The sandblasting technique is used to remove all the undesirable layers of materials and clean the bottom of your boat. This technique is not just used to clean large areas but also the small areas like pistons, gears, valves and metal casings. This technique is also helpful for restoring hardware and equipment which are exposed to rust. Proper cleaning of the surfaces can help the equipment work more efficiently.

• Multiple benefits with automobiles and boats – Sandblasting technique is very useful for automobiles and boats. This procedure is used during the restoration period of the boat or automobile. The sandblasting procedure strips off the undesirable elements from the bottom of the boat.

There are many tools and equipment available that can help you to get to get access to the unreachable areas. Rust and pitting can also be striped with this procedure.
If you are readying your boat to get it refinished you can use the sandblasting method to remove the paint from the bottom of the boat.

There are three alternative ways for removal of the paint from the boat bottom – chemical stripping, soda blasting and mechanical sanding. People who own wooden boats use heat to remove the old paint from the bottom of the boat. Sandblasting is highly recommended for steel or aluminium hulls.
Even though sandblasting is a very simple technique safety measures are similar in all cases. Dried bottom paint is toxic and its removal should be done with proper precaution method.